8 Bright Ideas for Fundraising at the Office

Even the smallest donations make a big difference to vulnerable and orphaned children living in Zimbabwe. This means that every penny you raise helps to create a better future for a child.

The office is a great place to fundraise, and for most of these ideas you won’t even need to lift a finger! You could take it in turns to choose which charity you are fundraising for and then change which charity you support each month – a piece of cake! (Which brings us nicely to our first fundraising idea…)


1. Bake Sale

Okay, so not every one of us may be a *star baker*, but a bake sale is a great way to fundraise in the office. See if some of your colleagues would be willing to do some baking in aid of charity. Set up a ‘cake table’ in the office with a variety of baked goods and a donation box with a suggested donation of 50p or £1. If it goes down a treat, repeat the Bake Sale once a month or even once a week.

2. Penny Jar

Utilise an empty jam jar or glass bottle by creating a ‘penny jar’. Get your colleagues to put their lose change in the jar whenever they want to empty their pockets. To get the most out of this idea, put the jar in strategical places such as on the way back from the canteen so people can see it and can then remember to put their pennies to good use! Additionally, you could have a jar in each department and compete to see which department raises the most money or which department fills up the jar first.

3. Baby Photo Competition 

Get everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby (charge a small fee to enter the competition), then scan all the photos onto a quiz sheet and get everyone in the office to guess who is who.

4. Dress down day

This has to be the easiest fundraising idea ever and a quick way to raise money for your charity. Have a dress down day and charge everyone £1 for taking part. If it goes well see if you can continue to do it once a month. If your office already has a dress down day or if you dress down anyway, organise a fancy dress day. Choose a theme such as dress as what you wanted to be when you were younger or wear a Christmas jumper in August, that kind of thing.

5. Sweepstakes

These work particularly well if a big sporting event is on, for example The Football World Cup, The Rugby World Cup or The Grand National. Split the takings 50/50 between the winner and the charity – simple!

6. Office Raffle

Okay, this one takes a bit more time to organise, but it can be a great way to raise a lot of money for your cause. If you work for a big company, see if they have any tickets that you could use for the raffle. Ask your colleagues if they can contribute any prizes. Sell your raffle tickets throughout the week and announce the winners on a Friday afternoon.

7. Swear Jar or Fine Box

Similar to the penny jar, however this time your colleagues have to put 50p in the jar if they swear, or if they’re late to work, if they break their diet… etc. – you make up the rules! 

8. Sponsored Silence

This is one for the office chatterbox. Print out a sponsor form and get everyone in the office to sponsor him or her to be silent for the whole day. Watch the pennies roll in for your charity and enjoy a nice peaceful day at the office – bliss!

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