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Become part of a family; empower a child, their guardian & their siblings[gap height=”20″]

We’re a Christian-led charity helping children, many orphaned as a result of AIDS, and their guardians in the Domboshowa and Mutare regions of Zimbabwe.

Our mission is supporting the education of children in Africa.

Two generations of the Matondo family, Beverley Matondo (Founder, CBF Zimbabwe) and her daughter, Dorothy Dix (Founder & CEO, CBF UK) benefited hugely when Dorothy’s education was paid for by a Rotarian sponsor. Our aim is to ensure other children have access to education and the opportunity to improve their own futures.


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Dorothy Dix with UK volunteers

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Beverley Matondo with sponsored children


Both women belong to Rotary International; Dorothy is President Nominee and Membership Chairperson for Rotary Club of Reading Matins and Beverley attends Rotary Club of Harare.

Dorothy was educated to secondary level in Zimbabwe, seeing for herself the value of Rotary projects in providing for her education & well-being, before winning a scholarship to study the International Baccalaureate in Norway and also a scholarship place at University of Reading. Dorothy (founder & CEO) leads our UK activities and gives speeches to local churches, clubs, schools and workplaces to share her passionate, encouraging account of growing up in Zimbabwe.

Beverley ’s known locally as Mhamha (Mum) and works hard to gain the trust and commitment of local communities. Beverley and Dorothy believe in empowering families to share their problems and to find a workable solution together. The ethos of Creating Better Futures is engaging locally to develop practical, community-led solutions.

Our beliefs

Beverley, Dorothy and volunteers in UK and Zimbabwe believe every child has the right to an education. Sponsoring a child means they can go to school and, effectively, study their way out of poverty. Our Sponsorship Programme covers school fees, two meals a day during term time, stationery, two uniforms a year and basic medical care.


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Before: too tired and hungry to concentrate

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After: eating porridge & maheu for energy


Having access to education changes not only children’s lives but lives of their guardians as well. It gives children skills, vision and motivation to realise their potential.

‘Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world’. Nelson Mandela

We believe in keeping children healthy and attending school. We distribute cooked porridge and maheu, at school, during term time and there’s access to fresh water from a pump. Children are more likely to concentrate, learn and develop crucial life skills.


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Before: walking miles every day to find water

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After: enjoying fresh water from school pump


Guardians of children we support, trust our charity and the work we do. They’re often elderly, and not well themselves, so looking after a young child whilst having to farm land is very tiring. Sponsors transform not only their sponsored child’s life but lives of their guardians as well. A guardian’s gratitude to their child’s sponsor is huge.


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Before: spending time alone tending cattle

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After: relaxing at home with school fees paid


How we’re different

Creating Better Futures is a Christian charity, run by volunteers in the UK and Zimbabwe, taking pride in the impact we make locally in both countries. Our volunteers give their expertise and time for free, our premises are rent free and we keep our running costs to a minimum. With less overheads, more of your money goes towards our projects in Africa.

We believe we’re authentic, have first-hand experience of life in Africa and our Zimbabwean team provides real time information about what’s happening on the ground. We work directly with local communities and schools to identify their specific needs. Many of our volunteers have experienced what it’s like to lose a parent, or someone who’s influenced their lives, at a young age so they’re able empathise with children we support and their guardians.

We give local communities ownership of the projects we set up; drilling boreholes and installing water pumps. We also build toilet facilities and classrooms in rural schools. We ensure children, especially girls, avoid a treacherous journey to the river to collect water. Our partner organisations teach people how to fix the pumps to ensure a constant water supply.

Families have water to cook, drink and wash with. Children have time to go to school, play with friends and do homework. Clean water keeps people healthy and able to work.

Our partners

We work with Rotary International and local Rotary clubs in both countries. Our projects in Africa are overseen by Rotary Club of Harare. We’re accountable for delivering our projects on time and within budget. Your money is allocated against relevant projects and we keep our costs to a minimum.

If you’d like to fund a project, please get in touch to discuss different projects you could get involved with.

Help us by making a donationfundraising, committing to sponsor a child or volunteering today.

Our current projects Statistics (August 2016)
25 volunteers giving expertise & time for free In UK (20) & Zimbabwe (5)
Working with five local Rotary clubs


In the UK: Maidenhead Bridge, Marlow Bridge & Reading Matins

In Zimbabwe: District 1090 & Harare

Sponsorship Programme at £18 a month 135 children sponsored
Working with 16 local schools Three primary schools in Zimbabwe: Cheza, Chitakatira & Mutake

Three secondary schools in Zimbabwe: Masembura, Muchapondwa & Parirewa

Eight primary schools in Reading:         Blessed Hugh Farringdon School,         Christ The King, Geoffrey Field Junior School, New ChristChurch, St Finian’s Catholic Primary School, St Martin’s,            St Paul’s & The Ridgeway School

Two secondary schools in Reading: Geoffrey Field Senior School & The Wren School

Feeding Programme costs £1 to feed one child    for a month Total 3,008 children: Cheza (340), Chitakatira (1,658) & Mutake (1,010)
Water pumps installed from £4,000 each At three primary schools:                         Cheza, Chitakatira & Mutake

At one secondary school: Muchapondwa

Developing water borehole site from £1,500 each One
New toilet facilities from £2,500 per block Cheza Primary School