The Fun in Fundraising: Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

When the word ‘fundraising’ comes into play, the initial reaction is usually avoidance. Whether it’s dodging charity fundraisers who try to stop you on the street or calling you on the phone, the inevitable cliché line, ‘I’m a little busy’ or ‘I’ll be back in 5 minutes’ is uttered as you try to quickly flee. We all know fundraisers mean well and when they do catch us in a rare moment of being completely free, we are normally willing to lend an ear. However, fundraising is usually perceived as someone speaking to you about an issue, and regardless of how touching or stimulating those conversations may be, there is always the temptation of doing something more productive with your time that is more appealing.

But, that is not the case! There is a whole realm of fundraising that is yet to be explored, with many opportunities for you to be more involved, as opposed to listening to information. For those who want to play a more active role in fundraising, here are our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas…

  1. Fitness Activities

There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get spirits raised, and also money raised for charity! Sponsored walks, runs, bike rides and even swimming sessions are a great and fun way to raise money for charity, and to also get fit and feel good! Alternatively, you can hold aerobics or dance classes, such as salsa or Zumba for charity, which can be a great laugh and an evening out with your friends as you stumble over dance moves!

  1. Chocolate Ban

For those who want to get a little healthier without having to move around so much, a chocolate ban is an interesting fundraising challenge for you to take up! Going on a sponsored ban from chocolate is a great way to test your limits to see how long you can manage to survive without chocolate!

  1. Cake Bake

Moving away from the fitness related fundraising ideas, a charity cake bake is a fantastic way to showcase your baking skills and a chance to get creative. Or, if you’re a fellow admirer from afar, who is hopeless in the kitchen like myself, a cake bake is a great opportunity to enjoy some delicious baking and (maybe) learn something.

  1. World Food Day

For the foodies out there, World Food Day is an exciting way to maximise the privilege of having a multicultural society by cooking and sharing food from different cultures. In addition to being a fun and creative way to raise money for charity, it is also a great way to get to know the culture of your friends and neighbours a little better!

  1. Arts and Crafts Fair

Speaking of creativity, an arts and crafts fair is a wonderful way to showcase your talent, or to experiment with art to see if you have any hidden talents and sell your paintings to raise money for charity. You can even have a ‘crafts for kids’ section, where children can create their own art, such as painting eggs, and sell them, getting the whole family involved!

  1. Auctions/Jumble Sales

If, like me, you do not have an artistic bone in your body, you can sell items that you no longer need instead of artwork at an auction or jumble sale. If you have any clothes that no longer fit, books that you no longer read or anything else, a jumble sale/auction is a great opportunity to clear out your things, or get your hands on a great bargain!

  1. Talent Contest

With X Factor back on our screens, we can all join in by hosting your own talent contest. It’s a fun and hilarious way to bond with friends, family and neighbours and to even showcase any hidden talents you’ve been keeping up your sleeve!

8. Car Wash

A car wash is helpful and fun way to raise money for charity. As a driver, I know that people can be very lazy when it comes to cleaning their cars, so a charity car wash is an opportunity we are all waiting for! It is also a great way for everyone to get involved and join in on the soapy festivities.

  1. Treasure Hunt

This is a great way to spend an afternoon keeping the kids entertained. If you want a way to burn some of that energy and get your children all tired out and ready for naptime in order to raise money for charity, an exciting treasure hunt is the best way to go about it!

  1. Karaoke Night

As well as keeping the children busy, a fun and goofy night out is exactly what’s needed to keep the adults entertained! There is no better way to raise money for charity than by belting out your favourite songs. To make things more interesting, you can even have a sponsored karaoke night and hold sing offs and competitions to really get your Beyoncé on!

Clearly, there are many different events and ways to raise money for charity that can be enjoyable for everyone! Plus, more important than a fun day or night out, is the fact that it is all for a good cause!


Kam Ballu.

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