Water saves lives

Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, inventor and engineer, described water as “the driving force of nature”, believing water to be to the world what blood is to our bodies. Water is not only used for cooking, cleaning, drinking and washing, but also for farming and agriculture.

Did you know?

  1. Only 1% of the world’s water is drinkable and 90% of the world’s fresh water is in Antarctica
  2. In Zimbawe, 2.5 million people suffer from daily water shortages and 21% say they often go without ‘clean’ water at home
  3. Women and children in Zimbabwe spend 3-4 hours each day collecting water, walking an average of 3.7 miles (6km) every day to find water
  4. Collecting water is time spent not working, caring for family members or attending school and can cause injury from constantly having to lift and carry heavy loads of water
  5. More people in the world have a mobile phone than have access to a toilet
  6. Women and girls living without a toilet can put themselves in a vulnerable situation, sometimes waiting until dark, when finding somewhere to go to the toilet
  7. Lack of privacy, in not having access to toilets at school, causes many teenage girls to drop out of education

Improving access to clean water and sanitation

We work closely with local schools and communities to improve access to clean water and sanitation, through projects to drill boreholes with water pumps and building toilet facilities at schools. We have partnered with Rotary International, with funds being provided by Rotary Clubs in the Thames Valley, and the projects overseen by the Rotary Club of Harare.

Providing access to clean water costs from £3,500

Drilling a bore hole and installing a water pump provides clean and reliable drinking water for school and local community. Pumps are operated manually so fewer parts can go wrong and local people are taught how to fix the pump to ensure a constant supply of water. This results in improved health and increased school attendance.

CBF has worked with Rotary to drill a borehole at Mutake School and work is underway to install the water pump. This means children will have access to clean water to keep them healthy and in education.

Building a toilet block costs from £2,500

There were separate boys and girls pit toilets at Cheza Primary School, but as one pit became full, it was sealed over. Children had to share the remaining pit or use the bush. Poor hygiene led to sickness and diarrhoea.

CBF worked with Rotary to build a new Blair toilet block (the design with a vent that prevents flies accessing or leaving the pit). The new toilet block has separate cubicles providing privacy, dignity and safety which the older girls appreciate. Improved hygiene has increased school attendance.

Find out more about our water projects in Zimbabwe,

To help us raise funds for, or donate to, water pumps and toilet facilities at Zimbabwe school, please visit JustGiving.

Facts have been lifted from brainyquote, factslides and water websites.

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