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Our Story



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Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Creating Better Futures’ CEO and co-founder Dorothy Dix has firsthand experience of the incredible effect Child Sponsorship has.

At just sixteen years old Dorothy received the life-changing opportunity to attend High School at The Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway and the University of Reading in the UK. While growing up in Africa, Dorothy experienced the benefits of the many projects run by Rotary International. This Inspired Dorothy to become a member of the Rotary Club of Reading Matins.

Education completely changed Dorothy’s life and with the help of our team of volunteers and supporters like you, Creating Better Futures is giving children living in poverty the opportunity to go to school and build better futures too.


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Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision

A world in which every child has the opportunity to achieve their potential, actively impact their lives and future outcomes, and benefit their community.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide each orphan and vulnerable child in Zimbabwe with the necessary tools they need to achieve their potential and change their lives. We provide each child with access to education, while meeting their basic welfare needs and sustainably supporting their school and community.


Our Values

– We believe in the individual potential of every child, regardless of gender, background or faith, and want each child to flourish.
– We believe in the benefits of education and the positive impact it has on children’s lives, their futures and their communities.

– We will operate with integrity, communicating honestly and utilising local knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.
– We believe in operating at a grass roots level, directly partnering with rural schools, orphanages, churches with vulnerable children and their local communities.
– We are motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ and Christian values to meet each child at their individual point of need, regardless of their faith and beliefs.


Our Objectives

– Invest in orphaned and vulnerable children’s full potential through a holistic approach to their support.
– Build relationships with schools, clinics and local authorities to best identify those in need and to deliver the most appropriate support needed.

– Increase the resources available to local schools to provide children with the best possible quality education.
– Promote the sustainability of local communities so that they can improve their lives and the lives of their children.
– Build the links and capability to deliver vocational skills training to improve the post-education employability of children.

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