April 9, 2020 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm Online

Easter Quiz: Take Part From Home

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a virtual easter quiz night. All proceeds from this event will go towards helping children impacted by COVID-19.

Our Easter quiz will take place on Thursday 9th April at 7:30 and is suitable for all ages. Either take part by yourself or get into teams with your family/housemates – you can even video chat friends to join in!

Easter Quiz: protect disadvantaged children from COVID-19

Thousands of disadvataged childre are at risk from the coronavirus outbreak. Many people in the community live in poverty. They can’t afford preventitive material or to access medical facilties.

We are especially concerned about how the secondary impacts of the outbreak could impact the children. We feed 5000 schoolchildren on our feeding programme. These children now risk going hungry as schools have closed. The feeding programme is the only guarenteed source of food for many children.

Our team in Zimbabwe is entirely made up of volunteers who do extraordinary work for the children, their families and the wider community. Unfortunately, this crisis is also putting them at risk. We are not prepared for a problem of this scale and we are not willing to risk their safety without further measures. Your support could give them access to protective masks, hygiene kits and cover medical costs as required.

So get your thinking caps on and get ready for an evening of fun and questions!

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