FAQs- Existing Child Sponsorships2019-01-21T18:29:06+00:00
1. I can no longer afford my sponsorship fee; how do I cancel it?2019-01-21T17:50:38+00:00

We are very sorry to hear that your circumstances have changed and need to terminate your direct debit, but we completely understand that situations change, and we cannot thank you enough for your support to date. Please email info@creatingbetterfutures.org.uk or call us on 01183271154 and one of the team will advise you further.

2. I want to send my sponsored child a birthday/ Christmas present, how do I do this?2021-05-07T12:04:23+01:00

We get lots of requests like this of people wanting to purchase gifts in the UK and send them out to Zimbabwe for their children, however, this is unfortunately not something that we are able to facilitate. Shipping costs are very expensive, and we do not have the funds to cover these costs, and where the sponsor would cover costs themselves, there is a high risk of items being intercepted at customs and not reaching the child, or unofficial customs fees being requested. We therefore advise that if you wish to give a gift to your sponsored child, that you contact the team on 01183271154 or sponsor@creatingbetterfutures.org.uk and they will advise you to make a bank transfer or online donation of an amount (£10, £20, £30 etc). The team in Zimbabwe will then be informed that this money has been sent for a specific child, and they will purchase a gift for the child. If you do not specify what you want the gift to be, the team will choose a relevant gift for that child. Common gifts are new school uniforms, school shoes, toiletries, food bags etc.

3. Who do I send my letter to so that I know it will reach my sponsored child?2021-05-07T12:05:34+01:00

Please send your letter (either scanned or typed) to sponsor@creatingbetterfutures.org.uk. Alternatively, a physical letter can be sent to First Floor, Unit 4, Beacontree Plaza, Gillette Way, Reading, RG2 0BS.

5. Can I send pictures of myself and my family to my sponsored child?2019-01-21T17:57:36+00:00

Yes! The children love to put names to faces, and you will receive pictures of them with your updates.

6. I have seen that the cost of child sponsorship is going up, will my payment be honoured?2019-01-21T17:58:35+00:00

Any existing payments up until December 31st, 2018 will be honoured and your payment amount will remain the same.

7. I have heard through the letters that I receive about my child’s family, and I would love to be able to support the whole family. What are the options to do this?2019-01-21T18:00:32+00:00

We will be setting up a new option in 2019 to sponsor a whole family, so please keep an eye out for developments on this.

8. Can I go and visit my sponsored child?2019-01-21T18:01:30+00:00

Yes, we have had many sponsors visit Zimbabwe and meet their sponsored children whilst they are in the country. However, this needs to be facilitated by a member of the CBF team. Please give the team a call on 01183271154 and someone will put you in contact with the team in Zimbabwe who will arrange taking you to meet your sponsored child. Please note a safeguarding policy is in place and you will be required to read and sign this policy before you leave the UK.

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