Our Story

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
–Nelson Mandela, 2003

Creating Better Futures are a Christian-led charity, based in Reading, devoted to helping children and their guardians in the Domboshowa and Mutare regions of Zimbabwe. We believe that every child has potential, but if they grow up in poverty and without an education they will not be able to achieve their full potential. Much like a seed without the right conditions such as light, nutrients and water, it will not germinate, grow shoots and flower.

We believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and giving children the opportunity of a better future for themselves and their communities. However, we also recognise that there are supporting factors, which if absent, could reduce the chance of those children excelling in education. We provide projects to not only support education, but also remove barriers that prevent children regularly attending and actively participating in school.

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Dorothy’s Story

Our Volunteer CEO and Co-Founder

“Education completely changed my life. As a child, born and raised in Zimbabwe, I was taught that education was the single most important thing in life. I received sponsorship to attend a good secondary school from a Rotarian sponsor. At the age of 16, I received a life-changing opportunity to attend High School at The Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway.

I was blessed enough to be given the chance to attend the University of Reading with a full scholarship to study psychology and physiology. But with only £70 to my name and a ragged suitcase, I had to work part time to cover all my living expenses, and when not working, I studied.

Education opened the doors for me that were a dream growing up in Africa, and it is for that reason that on graduation day I vowed that one day I would give back the gift of education that had been so freely given to me. I believed if I could just change one child’s life, my life would be complete. In setting up Creating Better Futures, I have realised my dream, above and beyond my expectations”

Our Values


about the children

We focus on the children, considering their needs and wellbeing

We put our hearts into everything we do

We take the difficult decisions when we need to knowing it’s not always easy


in every situation

We are optimistic and believe in positive outcomes

We see individual potential in each child

We aim to encourage and empower through our words and actions


to making real change

We get things done and do them well

We always strive to do better and hold ourselves to high standards

We focus on the right solutions and constantly challenge our assumptions

Our Team

All of our volunteers give their expertise and time for free. We have volunteers in Reading and ‘on the ground’ in rural Zimbabwe who work with local churches, communities, orphanages and schools.

Dorothy Dix
Dorothy DixCEO and Co-Founder
Beverley Matondo
Beverley MatondoCo-Founder
Olivia Harvey
Olivia HarveyMarketing and Fundraising Co-ordinator
Michael Dix
Michael DixTreasurer and Co-Founder
Dean Matondo
Dean MatondoZimbabwe Team Lead
Charity Fashin
Charity Fashin Grants Officer
Peter Dunn
Peter DunnChair of Trustees
Malvin Muhezu
Malvin MuhezuAdmin Support Zimbabwe
Lucy Pelopida
Lucy PelopidaPlacement Officer
Sam Bramwell
Sam BramwellTrustee
Tatenda Muchinje
Tatenda MuchinjeAdmin Support Zimbabwe
Adela Morais
Adela MoraisPlacement Officer

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“CBF do the most amazing work for children in Zimbabwe, with initiatives that are very close to our heart. We’re extremely proud to be able to help and support them with their marketing efforts and website, and hope to continue doing so in the future.”

Marc Heighway, FIMA Digital

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