Creating Better Futures through Education

The season of giving…

Creating Better Futures believe that education is the key to overcoming poverty. We are run by volunteers in the UK and Zimbabwe, who are passionate about creating better futures through education and continued welfare support.

We provide orphans and vulnerable children with:

  • Long term support and sponsorship
  • The opportunity to go to school
  • School meals every day
  • School uniform and equipment
  • Basic medical care (and treatment if needed)

We also work with schools and communities at a grass roots level, supporting developmental projects which benefit the community.




The children we help may have lost one or both parents to AIDS/HIV. They may have had a difficult childhood, or faced extreme challenges that have hampered their access to education. They face multiple complex barriers to education that predicate the poverty they face on a daily basis. These include:

  • Loss of parental guidance or lack of family support
  • Having to work or career responsibility to bring food to the table for rest of the family
  • Malnourishment leading to ill health
  • Being financeable unable to afford school fees and buy school supplies




Our mission is to support each child in need, helping them achieve their full potential.  “I want to become a mango seller when I grow up” said one girl, but after having received support from CBF, which enables her to go to school, she now wants to go to high school and then on to University.



‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Dorothy Dix, Creating Better Futures’ volunteer CEO and co-founder, has had first-hand experience of the life-changing opportunities that sponsorships create. While growing up in Africa, she experienced benefits of the many projects run by Rotary International. At the age of 16, Dorothy received an opportunity to attend High School at the Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway. Then on to attend the University Of Reading in UK. “Rotary International has inspired me to become a member of the Rotary Club of Reading Matins. Education has completely changed my life. Therefore, here at Creating Better Futures we are passionate about building ‘better futures’ for children living in poverty by providing them access to education and long term welfare support”, says Dorothy.

Creating Better Futures is one of the University of Reading RAG chosen charities for 2015/16. We won the Vodafone Foundation ‘World of Difference Award’ for 2012/13 and were awarded with The Foundation for Social Improvement Programme in 2013. We have worked with the University of Reading, Barclays UK (Caversham Branch) and The Reading Chronicle in achieving fantastic results for our charity. 

We have the on-going opportunity to work with the University of Reading and Santander University Branch to implement a summer internship scheme for University students and graduates. We have partnered with The Reading Chronicle to improve the media coverage of our charity events and to raise awareness of CBF around Reading.




Vice Chancellor of University Of Reading says, “I have been inspired by the story of Dorothy Dix, who talks with great passion about the difference that education made to her as a young girl growing up in Zimbabwe and how the support of others enabled her to later come to study at the University of Reading.

That experience changed her life and she now works tirelessly to change the lives of young people in Zimbabwe through the charity she founded, Creating Better Futures (CBF).  Their work to provide education and long term welfare support for children living in poverty not only benefits the children in Zimbabwe, but has provided opportunities for University of Reading students to gain worthwhile work experience within a small but growing charity.”

Education is a human right that helps girls and boys reach their full potential in society. Yet millions of children in Africa are still out of school. If you can help us support orphans and vulnerable children in need please donate to CBF or join our child sponsorship programme.

For further information please contact Ruby, PR & Marketing Manager.