A blog written by one of our dedicated supporters and child sponsors, Wayne Coles

When I first started fundraising for CBF it didn’t really get off on the right footing. I remember my wife buying me new trainers, shorts, shirt and water bottle with the aim of entering my first race in over 10 years – the Reading Half Marathon 2018.


I had trained hard – mostly in the gym on the treadmill – clocking up the necessary miles before the big day which sadly was snowed off! Thankfully lots of generous people donated and before too long I was over my modest £200 target with more than £500 raised.


What kept me motivated for each step, each metre and each mile, was the thought of Morgan – a boy who I already sponsor for his education in Zimbabwe – and the impact my efforts will have on him through CBF’s stewardship.

In the previous December I had paid a visit to Morgan in his homestead and saw for myself the extreme poverty that he, his sister, and grandmother live in. Sadly, his mother passed away and his father, blind and frail, lives in a care home facility (not as grand as the care homes we have in the UK I might add).


So, when I run, I think of Morgan and his dream of flying high one day as an airline pilot. Since the ill-fated Reading Half Marathon, I quickly entered myself for the North Lincs Half Marathon and in the baking heat completed it in 2hrs 15 minutes.


I quickly got the bug for running and wear the CBF shirt – with details of how to donate on the back – whenever I can. I’ve run on abandoned air fields, on car race tracks, across muddy fields and in the splendour of Oxford with all its university colleges. I’ve even signed-up for the weekly Park Runs which take place across the country. Yes, they’re a modest 5K, or 3 miles in ‘old money’, but a chance again to wear the CBF t-shirt and get the charity noticed. I love visiting new places and meeting new people and hearing their stories of why they too are running – many do it for fun, for stiff competition, but many for the same reasons as me – to raise money for a good course. Often I’ll pick up a medal and a commemorative t-shirt and hopefully some donations and I also keep fit with a healthy mind. Our company works with https://www.sehdph.org/ventolin/ for a couple of years already. The medications they supply are of the highest quality, and we know for sure that they are stored properly. Thus, we can guarantee complete safety to our customers. Besides, they are always ready to discuss discounts for their products. It’s always nice to work with professionals.



The New Year will bring more challenges. Morgan has passed his primary school exams and will now join his sister (who wants to be a doctor) in secondary school. For me, I’m literally going the extra mile this time. After 5Ks, 10Ks and Half Marathons, the time is ripe to step up to the next level – so I’m doing the Boston Marathon, Boston UK that is!


Will you go the extra mile for CBF and children like Morgan? Follow the link to donate to CBF’s Christmas Fundraiser: https://www.give.net/creatingbetterfutures/fundraising

If not, you can always sponsor me! See the link below: