Creating Better Future’s Powerful Women

We proudly present to you some of the amazing women who make CBF amazing! (there is many more, we love every single woman who has helped CBF so THANK YOU!)


Dorothy Dix

Our CEO, born and raised in Africa and now giving back to her community through CBF. Her achievements are endless and has now been nominated for a Sue Ryder Southern Women of Achievement Award! She is also running the Reading Half Marathon, support her following this link:

Beverley Matondo (pictured with Constance and her Mother)

Our founder based in Zimbabwe and mother to Dorothy Dix. She brought Dorothy up as a single mother and often struggled to afford her school fees. She brought up Dorothy to believe in the power of education and to achieve her potential. She has been looking after thousands of orphans and vulnerable children since 1992. She is widely known in the rural communities where CBF works as “Mhamha Bev” which mean “Mother Bev”! She is not paid for her wonderful work but you can support her here by making a donation:



Annie Burt and Izi Coley (pictured at the Out of Africa Ball 2018)

Our two incredible team members who dedicate their time to improving the lives of vulnerable orphans and children in Africa. Izi is Child Sponsorship Coordinator and is driven by her passion for improving as many children’s lives as possible. Annie is Operations Manager and her determination and efforts in running all of CBF’s operations is shown through all of CBF’s achievements. She does this as well as finishing the final year of her degree.

Aduke Onafowokan

Founded the Sister Sister Network which is a global women’s empowerment network founded to inspire, empower and educate women across the globe. Through the Sister Sister Network she has been supporting CBF through fundraising initiatives and now as one of our new trustees. Aduke plays a key role in maintaining our network with women.

Sam Bramwell


Sam is the Regional Director (South), Healthcare & Chair of the Women at Microsoft Board, UK. She is passionate about women getting into education within the STEM sector and is one of the great women who supports us. She recently became one of our fantastic trustees and also sponsors two children through CBF. Sam is also running the Reading Half Marathon for us, support her following this link:




Debbie Atkins  (pictured with Lindsey McLoughin, Vickie Randall – who both support CBF through the Athena Network, – Dorothy Dix and Karen Fowler)

Debbie is also one of the directors for the Athena network, as well as being a personal trainer and Nordic walking instructor. She is a fantastic long-term supporter of CBF and doing the Reading half marathon for us.


Ula Howlett

Ula is a fantastic CBF ambassador who has supported us for a long time! She loves helping people and motivating them to realise their potential – a value which is reflected in our work at CBF! She has raised money for CBF (follow this link to give: and also sponsors a little girl!

Sue Reynolds

Sue runs a company called Grandesco, which is a marketing and advertising company that helps high quality service based small business owners generate more leads through online marketing.

She supports CBF through creating opportunities for us to gain more publicity, to raise awareness and by being an advocate for women in business.




Karen Fowler (pictured with Denise – who supports us through the Athena Network – and Dorothy Dix)

Karen is one of the directors for the Athena network – a network which focuses on providing members with specialist training, inspirational talks and expert advice in the form of meetings, events and programmes relevant to women in business. Karen is a long-term supporter of CBF and is taking on the half marathon for us.


Sue Winyard

Sue’s husband was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and she is passionate about supporting Creating Better Futures. Sue has to volunteer on our projects in Zim and set up a prayer group for the children in Zimbabwe.



Lisa Chaffey

Lisa is an award-winning business coach who supports CBF by raising awareness. She is one of our trustees and so is a dedicated supporter! She is running the Reading Half Marathon for us in March, follow this link to support her:

We would also love to give a special thanks for supporting CBF to the following incredible women

Liz and Keren at Reading Family Church,

The fantastic women at Heritage Financial Advisors; Suzanne Allen, Caroline Lamb, Michelle Smith, Rio Stedford, Sharon Basker and Jenny Webster.

Charity Mlambo –

Sandra Guest

Fiona Jones

Angelica Solomon

Caroline Hayden

Sam Strangward

Keren Newnham

Alice Coles

Marla Murray Callisen

Niamh O Neill –

Tracey Baker –

Sheila Chiwawu

Barbara Paul

And every other woman who has made our charity as great as it is today!

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