Thank you so much for your support which will help provide education, food and water to set an African child up for life. Good luck with your fundraising and we’d love to hear what you’ve done; take photos and send them to

  1. Plan your event in advance as it takes time to organise; tell friends and family what you intend to do and they may join in, cheer you on or help with fundraising
  1. The easiest way of being sponsored is at and clicking ‘Fundraise for us’. Add a photo and message explaining what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Email the link to people at your church, club, work and school asking for sponsorship. You can also use a sponsorship form
  1. The key to making the most of your fundraising activity is to publicise it as much as possible. Write a blog in the run-up to the event, create posters and promote on Facebook and Twitter. Get coverage in your local newspaper. You’re doing something to help the children we support, so don’t be afraid to tell everyone.
  1. Ask your employer if they have a matched giving scheme; this could make a huge difference to the money you raise if they double the amount
  1. Make sure there’s someone to take photos on the day; these are vital for getting press coverage and donations after your event and they could be hugely inspiring to other people

How your money could be spent helping the communities we support

the porridge

happy because they are full

  • £5 buys plastic mug, plate & spoon so children eat with their hands or leaves
  • £30 provides essentials for a new born child
  • £50 provides food for a family (mother and two children) for a month
  • £335 provides a shelter for cooking porridge at Chitakatira primary school
  • £1,500 feeds all 1,700 children at Chitakatira school, two meals a day, for a month
  • £2,300 finishes off a new classroom at Cheza school (currently at roof level)
  • £2,500 builds new toilet facilities
  • £3,500 provides a borehole at Chitakatira school so children don’t have to get water from the river

Ways to raise money for Creating Better Futures

  • Purchase from retailers like Amazon and John Lewis at easyfundraising and we get a percentage of what you spend
  • Use easysearch to search the Internet, instead of Google, so we benefit
  • Fundraise for us or make donations at Ask people to sign a Gift Aid form; the government gives 25p extra for every £1 you raise which means we receive £1.25


  • Sponsor one of the children we support for £15 a month which buys them two meals a day, school uniform, fees for the rest of their education and basic medical care. It gives them skills, vision and motivation
  • Give your time; help with admin and fundraising at our Reading office – call 0118 327 1154
  • Volunteer and help with teaching the children we support, making bricks and building classrooms and toilet facilities. Mission Direct organises a two-week trip to Zimbabwe at
  • How long do you usually go without eating? Get sponsored to give up something you enjoy for 24-hours


  • Charity runs can be an incredible challenge, both physically and mentally. They require a great deal of motivation and determination. Choose from fantastic running events at

  • If you’re looking for more of a physical challenge that takes days to complete, choose from hundreds of challenges happening across the country; from Three Peaks Challenge to Fright Hikes to TrekFest; a fantastic way to fundraise and you get to see the UK’s most beautiful scenery. Find out more at
  • Cycle the London to Paris bike ride, a 300-mile route through the English countryside over to rural France and on to the heart of Paris, finishing under the Eiffel Tower. Discover at
  • The Great Swim is the UK’s largest open water swimming event, held in June to August, and caters for all abilities. Choose from four distances depending on how fit you are at
  • Created by British Special Forces, Tough Mudder offers a series of challenges designed to push you to the limit; jumping over high walls, clinging onto cliffs and freezing in ice baths at
  • An easy way to raise money is to have your friends over for a meal at dinner4good


  • Scrap or sell your old car at giveacar and they’ll arrange free collection, either sell at auction or scrap your car and we get the proceeds
  • Organise a quiz, get contestants thinking with tricky questions and make sure you have enough quiz sheets. Decide on the date, time and venue and ask local businesses to donate prizes. It’s a good idea to try and combine more than one fundraising idea at an event; maybe hold a raffle during your quiz night
  • Try to persuade local pubs, businesses, restaurants and theatres to donate prizes or ask local stores to allow you to collect or pack shopping bags with friends and family. It’s a good idea to take your sponsorship form wherever you go – you never know who might be willing to sponsor you!
  • Sort through your books, clothes and music and sell what you don’t want on eBay. Create your listing and donate between 10% and 100% of the sale price to CBF. If you donate 50% of your selling price, eBay will waive 50% of your fees
  • Organise a clothes party and charge money for entry; sort out your wardrobe, swap clothes with your friends and family. Get yourself some new clothes, have fun and raise money at the same time
  • Host a themed tea party from Alice in Wonderland to The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Ask friends and colleagues to bake cakes and biscuits and sell them to raise money
  • Bequeath money to Creating Better Futures in your will and it’s free from inheritance tax