Coronavirus in Zimbabwe:
Creating Better Futures Response

Creating Better Futures are sending our love to everyone effected by the Coronavirus in Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom and around the world. We hope you and your loved ones are keeping well and safe in these challenging times.

We are committed to protecting the children we support from any outbreak of coronavirus in Zimbabwe. Last week we launched our appeal to guarantee the safety of the children, their families and our volunteers from the impacts of coronavirus in Zimbabwe.

A recent study found that there were 5.5 million people facing starvation in rural Zimbabwe. This indicates that many could go without food following the impact of coronavirus in Zimbabwe. Among these people are the 5000 children who have lost access to our school feeding programme. A small donation to our campaign could help to deliver food to the children who need it most.

Hildah’s Story:
A Family at Risk of Hunger

A major outbreak of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe poses a huge threat to the thousands of children that we support. Children like Hildah. Hildah is an orphan. Her parents passed away during her infancy. She can’t remember what they look like. She has two older brothers and now they all live their elderly Grandmother who is too ill to work. They have always struggled for food and when we met Hildah, she was malnourished and unable to concentrate at school. Hildah’s poverty means she is extremely vulnerable to starvation in the event of a major outbreak of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe.

Coronavirus in Zimbabwe: Hildah and Family at Risk of Starvation


Hildah (second from left) with her brothers and Grandmother. They are vulnerable to starvation now schools have been closed.

Since we enrolled her on the CBF school feeding programme, Hildah’s health and school performance have improved. She is now showing her academic potential as a result of receiving regular meals. She is often in the top three of her class for every subject.


Help us fight COVID-19


Being able to go to school is a lifeline for vulnerable children like Hildah because it allows them to be just children. School is the one place that guarantees children two meals a day. It gives children like her a place where they are accepted, supported, protected and empowered to achieve their potential.

But unfortunately, for now, school is closed and she has no idea where her next meal will come from. Her medical history and her Grandmother’s illness puts them both at high risk if they contracted the virus. We need your help to support children like Hildah with vital food while they are out of school and to protect them and their families from the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Coronavirus in Zimbabwe:
How You Can Help

You can provide a lifeline for these children during this crisis by donating to our appeal and helping us manage the outbreak in the following ways:

  1. £5 could provide a vital food pack for 1 child out of school for 1 month.
  2. £10 could provide 1 hand washing and hygiene pack for 1 child to protect them from the virus for 1 month.
  3. £50 could provide 1 family hygiene pack and education about the virus, preventative measures, symptoms of the disease and prevention of its spread.

We would love to keep you updated on our work as we navigate through these unprecedented times. Please subscribe to our newsletter, find and follow us on social media. Every like, share, comment on our posts goes a long way to encourage our amazing small team that continues to work hard during this challenging time.

As ever, we are humbled by your wonderful support, we couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you so much for standing with us and the children in Zimbabwe at such a time as this; together we are Creating Better Futures.