There’s nothing worse than buying last minute Christmas presents. We have all been there. Feeling underprepared. Yesterday you noticed the book you were planning to get your sister being used as a coaster in her bedroom. To make the situation worse, you are starting to question the presents that you have already bought. Maybe Dad wouldn’t look so good in those lime green dungarees. They’ve got to go back. Now you’re rushing around town and running out of ideas. What can you do?!

This Christmas we are asking you to make a real difference when you give. Instead of buying presents for your loved ones, please consider gifting to a child through Creating Better Futures.

You could make a huge difference to a child and their family. All we ask is that you use the money that you would spend on gifts to support our cause. Please consider donating:

  • £10 to give two girls access to reusable sanitary products for a year.
  • £25 to give a child two meals a day for six months.
  • £50 to give a family chickens as source of food and sustainable income.

As a token of thanks, we will provide you with a certificate on behalf of the child. This will show the impact your support has made and thank you for this. This is a gift that money can’t buy.

Don't worry about last minute Christmas presents: support a child with Creating Better Futures!

Buying chickens for a child would give their family with a source of food and income.

If you still neeed some persuading, please consider the following:

Make a difference

Gifting with Creating Better Futures has the chance to make a genuine impact on someone’s life. These items are things we take for granted, but sharing them will make people healthier, better off or more likely to complete their education. What’s more, your generosity will help countless people. You may only feed one child, but this donation will make a difference to their entire family. For example, saving money on food allows a family to spend more on fuel, education or healthcare.

Have a sustainable Christmas

Biffa have found that Christmas is one of the most wasteful times of the year. A quarter of British houses will produce more than five bags of rubbish. This includes 277,000 miles of wrapping paper and almost 2 million turkeys! Gifting your present to a child in Zimbabwe is a great way to have a sustainable Christmas: helping the planet and helping the people living in it.

These gifts could be the best last minute Christmas presents you ever buy!

Please email if this would interest you!