As many people are probably aware, back in March, the Reading Half Marathon was called off due to the pesky snow! After a little disappointment, and probably a few sighs of relief, CBF heroes rallied up and decided they would not be deterred. After all of the hard work, training, and sponsorship that had taken place, our amazing heroes took it upon themselves to complete their own half marathons to honour their sponsorships. In total, the CBF heroes raised a HUGE £7287. This money will change lives, and we cannot thank everyone enough for their support.

£2000 of this money will be going towards a new menstrual hygiene project- keeping girls in school no matter what time of the month it is.

The rest of this money will be committed to the feeding programme. With Creating Better Futures, £1 feeds 1 child for 1 month. So over 5000 children will continue to be fed because of the incredible efforts of some truly amazing people.

If you would like to embark on a personal challenge and change lives in Zimbabwe, we have a number of events coming up to cater to all abilities, including:

  • Thames Path Challenge, walk, jog or run 10k, 25k, 50k or 100k.
  • London-Brighton Bike Challenge, 54 miles.
  • Reading Half Marathon 2019.

Get in contact with us on and someone will be able to advise you.

Some of our heroes:

Wayne Coles- the North Lincolnshire Half marathon, Cambridge and Cambourne 10k, Oxford Town and Gown 10k, Poole 5k, Heyford Park Airbase 5k and the upcoming Gloucester 10k.

Sue Allen and Michelle Smith- Sue and Michelle did their own half marathon around Greenham Common.

Jonathan Emmett and Jon Linley- the Bracknell Half Marathon.












CBF Volunteers, Annie and Michael, completed the Reading Half Marathon route when the snow had cleared.

Apelele Madziwa – the Henley Half Marathon.









Also, a big thank you to all our other heroes including Charity Mlambo, Ekua Aning, Karen Fowler, Richard Binnie, Craig Mackay, Sheila Ribatika, Taguma Ngondonga, Gavin Thomas, Aduke Onafowokan, Adelaide Mushonga and Nomusa Dziya who all have either done a replacement challenge, or will be doing one in the near future. Your dedication and commitment is changing lives!