The Testimony of Christopher Mutasa 

In light of National Parent’s Day, we decided to ask parents in Zimbabwe for their stories of what being a father or mother looks like in their everyday lives. We have been especially inspired by one champion father who in the midst of hardship, displays an enduring strength as he works compassionately to take on the ever-challenging task of both father and mother. We’d like to honour him today by sharing his story of devotion and dedication.

Christopher Mutasa is a single father to 4 children and one grandchild. His eldest daughter married at the age of 18 with the hope that the dowry price for her marriage would help to pay for her brother’s school fees. Unfortunately her marriage failed and consequently her family failed to receive any support. Because of this, Christopher’s eldest daughter has now moved back to her family home to be with her father and 3 brothers along with her new baby who is just 4 months old.  Christopher now acts as both a father and mother to his children. He has a tight and difficult daily schedule as he begins each day at 4am in order to get his children ready for school. Preparing your children for school in rural Zimbabwe is needless to say a little different from the usual school run that many of us will be familiar with. It consists of setting off on the daily walk to collect water and firewood in order to bathe and feed the children- a daily labour that is so ordinary and accustomed to Christopher however so greatly unfamiliar and alien to many of us. He maintains his house and garden by carrying out the domestic chores, sells fruit and vegetables at the market and above all, cares for his children daily.

For Christopher, being a Father looks like remaining and standing by his children despite economic hardships. It looks like working tirelessly to provide for his family, even if it means putting all others above himself. For him, some nights of Fatherhood will look and feel like an empty stomach as he gives up his own meal in order to feed his sons and daughter whom he loves so much. For Christopher, no matter how tough it may be, being a Father looks like never giving up.

Although the above image may be a little unclear, we wanted to share this photograph of Christopher with you. He is a father who has so little but is grateful for so much. Though we are yet to find sponsors for Christopher’s 3 sons, he is grateful for the help and visits he has received from the Creating Better Futures team in Zimbabwe. His testimony reminds us to celebrate the parents, guardians role models in our lives who have cared for us, supported us, loved us and remained by our sides, even in difficult days. We’d like to honour and bless all of the parents in Zimbabwe, the UK and all around the world and thank them for all that they do.

Many of the children that we look after in Zimbabwe are orphaned or lack a present parent in their lives. At Creating Better Futures, we believe that God is “father to orphans and champion of widows” (Psalm 68:5 MSG). He is the ever-present, loving and hope-bringing Father of all. Every difficulty faced, heartache felt, and disappointment experienced can all become tools in the hands of God the Father. So today, we not only celebrate our parents and role models, but our God in Heaven.

National Parent’s Day is merely one day of the year, however we would like to continue to honour and support parents such as Christopher every day of the year. You can have the opportunity to do something very special today by sponsoring one of our children and becoming part of a family. This will enable us to continue impacting and transforming the lives of vulnerable children, their families and their communities.

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